Evolving With The Times
Evolving With The Times
Episode 10 - Interview With Ron Baker | Soul of Enterprise Radio Talk Show Host & VeraSage Think Tank Founder

Today we interview Ron Baker!

Ron is the founder of the VeraSage Institute, a leading think tank devoted to training professionals internationally, and a prolific radio talk show host who launched the show “Soul of Enterprise” over 7 years ago and has since published 353 episodes covering a wide variety of business and entrepreneurship related topic – in particular, he and his co-host dive deep into the exemplary benefits of value based pricing, removing the billable hour, and how to build a more enlightened business. Not satisfied with a mere 353 episodes, this guest has also gone on to publish seven best selling books, authored over 20 training courses, spoken globally to spread his message to over 220,000 professionals worldwide, and has been inducted into multiple prestigious Professional’s Hall of Fame. 

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